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Meet all 270 Lara Croft
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#87 Cindy

Cindy en cosplay Tomb Raider
Cindy was the 87th Lara Croft

Hi! What’s your name? What number were you for the World Record? 

Cindy, number #87

Did you come alone or with friends or family/relatives? Who were you with?

Accompanied by my sister, Gwendoline #86

What outfit were you wearing?

The white dress worn by Lara Croft at the end of the first Tomb Raider movie.

Were you a cosplayer before this event? How long have you been a cosplayer?

No I didn't cosplay before the event. It was a enjoyable experience, notably meeting other cosplayers. Lots of fun, talk and new encounters, that was a great experience, I can't wait to to do it again!

How long di did it take to make your cosplay? Any anecdotes to tell?

I needed one week to make my cosplay. I have plenty of little anecdotes hehehe. The worst being not being able to find a pattern for the dress, I had to browse through all my sewing magazines to find a pattern close enough and to modify it to be as accurate as possible to the reference. Finding the buttons too because there are plenty of them, lol.

How long have you been a Tomb Raider fan? How did you met Lara Croft?

I'm a fan since the beginning, on my computer.

What was your reaction when the record had been validated?

Super pleased and happy.

Any little story on this day (or week) at Paris Games Week?

The kindness of the other cosplayers as well as the fact it was really magical to live this event from « the inside ».

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