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Meet all 270 Lara Croft
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#50 MadDuFutur

MadDuFutur en cosplay Tomb Raider
MadDuFutur was the 50th Lara Croft

Hi! What’s your name? What number were you for the World Record? 

Hello! I'm MadDuFutur and I was number 50 for this world record!

Did you come alone or with friends or family/relatives? Who were you with?

I was with Marion (42), Maxim (43), Lucie D (46), Vertigo (48), Newraider (49), Christophe (181), Laragwen (182), Stonecutter (183), Priscilla (184)!

What outfit were you wearing?

I was wearing the Leather Jacket from Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Were you a cosplayer before this event? How long have you been a cosplayer?

I started cosplay in 2010, I've made 6 outfits related to Tomb Raider, and 9 cosplays all in all if I add characters from other universes. My all-time favourite is the classic outfit! For those I've cospayed, I like the Reboot outfit because it's the one for which I've build and customized the most pieces. Regarding a shooting with my Reborn suit, there's nothing planned for the moment. I have some ideas (for a new cosplay) but nothing precise for now, so nothing on my plan.

How long di did it take to make your cosplay? Any anecdotes to tell?

No precise duration but I spent time sewing the jacket because it had to be shortened, and on the satchel in the back I had to make.

How long have you been a Tomb Raider fan? How did you met Lara Croft?

I'm a Tomb Raider fan since 1997, I discovered Lara thanks to friends who already played Tomb Raider on Playstation 1. I have had this passion since the day I've played Tomb Raider 1 for the first time.

What was your reaction when the record had been validated?

That was a moment quite out of time, you're happy, and in the meantime you don't realize what had just happened. It was an important day for the fandom and I'm happy of having participated to it.

Some little story to tell?

Yes, you should know that the most beautiful reunions happen in the toilets of Paris Games Week's convention center.

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